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An Easy Smile with EZ SMILE


A perfect smile is something a lot of people strive for, aligned teeth could help to reach that goal. People striving to have aligned teeth have to go through numerous dentist visits and may even need multiple procedures (tooth removal) to have aligned teeth, lets not forget about the huge expense. So lets talk about EZ SMILE.

How it’s different? 

You have so many options to treat your teeth from the braces to other multiple treatments. All these solutions require some frequent visits to the dentists and appointments as well. Eventually, you end up having larger costs and financial burden as well. Most of the people could not think about the teeth alignment due to the expenses. EZ SMILE offers you a simple and cost-efficient way of having perfectly aligned teeth. It is a kind of independent teeth alignment setup that you can use without having multiple dentist appointments and works efficiently. 

Does it cost much? 

In comparison to the conventional and other dental methods of having teeth alignment, EZ SMILE costs very low. The initial kit comes with $99 that goes to almost $41.35 per week for the whole procedure. Collectively you will end up paying $2149 for having a perfect smile. It is much less and 70% cheaper than the traditional aligners. You are not able to find any other perfect solution to the aligners than EZ SMILE with this reduced cost. 

Can you order it? 

To evaluate whether EZ SMILE is for you or not all, you need to go through a simple questionnaire. With a set patterned questioner it will be analyzed whether EZ SMILE can work for you or not. Once you get the confirmation, you will be redirected to place an order for the impression kit. 

How does it work for you? 

After getting done with the initial quiz, you will order the impression kit. Once you have the kit, you need to place the impression of your teeth using the kit at home and send it to the EZ SMILE orthodontist .Using your impression, EZ SMILE lab will create a 3D teeth straightening plan for you. With the plan, you will get a demonstration video and initial aligners. It will also explain the number of aligners you may need in the procedure. 

EZ SMILE comes with a larger success rate and gives ultimate results. It is a complete alignment treatment for the people who want to spend less and get better results. It is safe and less hectic as you do not have to take frequent appointments. Moreover, the aligners are fully transparent and comfortable to put on. 

My experience with Ez smile

To start off my teeth weren’t bad, but I did have a few teeth that bothered me as they weren’t as straight like the rest, they were turned in and outwards, so when the opportunity arose to try EZ SMILE I couldn’t have been happier. I watched Instagrammer/ YouTuber Jade Madden’s review and it looked like such a simple process and her results are amazing.

As mentioned above, you firstly need to fill out the questionnaire to see if you are eligible for an EZ SMILE transformation, I was successful, so from there you get sent your impression kit. The impression can be made in the comfort of your own home, all you need is a mirror. There are also videos online to help you make your impression if your not feeling confident, but it was very easy, once this is complete you can send you impression away for EZ SMILE to start making you aligners. One of the most exciting parts is when you receive your 3D teeth straightening plan, a video that shows your teeth from the beginning and then at the end of your transformation. I was so exciting when I watched the video I just couldn’t wait to begin my transformation. I didn’t experience any discomfort wearing my aligners at all, though when changing to the new set they sometimes feel tight but nothing that would be of any concern. I haven’t finished my transformation yet, my top teeth required 14 aligners and my bottom teeth required 8 aligners so at the moment I’m on my 6th set, so stay tuned on my blog and instagram to see my final results.

  • This customer received a discount on her treatment to document her journey.
Clear Aligners


If you’re looking to get straighter teeth, but the thought of wearing metal braces for two years, or investing so much money in Invisalign, or waiting in orthodontist rooms is putting you off  – you’re not alone!

Maybe you never had the opportunity to have braces as a teenager, or you’ve developed crooked teeth later in life. It’s starting to affect not only your smile, but your overall confidence, and quality of life. There’s now an easy and affordable solution to straighten your teeth with EZ SMILE clear aligners.


The good news is that Invisalign or other aligner companies can gradually straighten your teeth with almost invisible aligners. They are a great alternative to traditional braces. The bad news is that they are just soooo expensive! Some of our customers have been quoted upwards of $8,000 for Invisalign. Plus, you’ll still need all those trips to the dentist during your treatment.

None of this was a great option so we developed EZ SMILE clear aligners direct to you. EZ SMILE is only $2149 and with ZIP PAY there’s no deposit and flexible payment plans.


So how does it work?

After answering a few simple questions online, our orthodontists will need to take a closer look at your teeth. There’s two ways to do this, book a scan or make moulds of your teeth with our Impression Kit.

The orthodontists in our lab will review your moulds and create a personalised 3D teeth straightening plan that shows how your teeth will move with each aligner into their final straight position. It’s only when you see this final digital “after” shot of your teeth that you need to decide if you want to proceed.

If you like what you see, your aligners will be manufactured and sent to you in the mail 5 sets at a time. It’s only now that you have to pay for your clear aligners.

If we determine that EZ SMILE is not the right treatment for you, you’ll get a refund for the cost of the scan or impression kit, no questions asked. This is the EZ SMILE 100% money back guarantee.

EZ SMILE customers results


EZ SMILE are series of removable clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into the desired alignment. All you’ll need to do is:

1.Commit to wearing the aligners for at least 20 hours every day and

2.Keep up a good oral hygiene routine with regular dental check-ups

Yes, it’s as easy as that! Over time, your teeth will become straighter until you have the smile you’ve always wanted but didn’t think you could afford.


If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on invisible braces, Invisalign or expensive alternatives, and you just don’t have the time in your hectic schedule to sit in dentists waiting rooms – EZ SMILE is the solution for you.

Are you ready to get straighter teeth in the comfort of your own home and save up to 70% in the process? Why not find out if EZ SMILE is for you by answering a few simple questions online.

You can always call our Smile Team if you have any questions + 61 2 9999 4331. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

^ $300 plus $41.35 per week over 12 months. Total price $2449.

smiles on pinned photo

Jade wanted to straighten her teeth, but cost was always a barrier

In her own words, Jade Madden grew up with “pretty bad teeth.” She was a thumb-sucker from way back, which left her with bucked teeth that required her to have braces and retainers when she was still young. While the treatment worked at the time, she began to have trouble with her retainers in her mid-20s. She then she fell pregnant and things really began to deteriorate.

Like many adults, Jade had wanted to do something about her teeth for quite a while, but cost was always a barrier. “I’d had a consultation (for a different straightening treatment) and the quote came back at around $8,000. I was like… okay… that’s really expensive. I couldn’t afford that. Thankfully, I came across EZ SMILE.”

Jade decided to document her entire EZ Smile journey via social media and the results are there for all to see. “I’ve been sharing updates on my Instagram.” “Before you ask, no, I’m not being paid to promote it (EZ SMILE), these are just my 100% honest thoughts and views about the process and results I’ve had.”

Aside from the money she’s been able to save with EZ SMILE – “The cost was less than 70% of other clear aligners”– convenience has been one of the biggest attractions for Jade, especially as a mum with a young daughter living in remote WA mining town of Kalgoorlie. “Having to go to the dentist every fortnight or so, sitting in the chair for ages with a baby or trying to find a babysitter is hard!” she says. “With EZ SMILE there were no trips to the dentist, no appointments, no schedules, nothing like that.”

“Basically, you fill in an online form, upload some photos of your teeth and then they send you their impression kit. It has multiple trays, it has putty, it has gloves,” Jade explains. “This also includes a personal login to really helpful tutorials and videos showing you exactly how to do it. Honestly, it’s incredible. I think it’s something that could really, really help a lot of people.”

When making your impressions Jade explains “firstly, you need to find which tray works best for your mouth, then you have 60 seconds to mix your putty until there is no marbling and roll it into a sausage that’s slightly thicker in the centre. Lastly, press the putty evenly into the trays and make your impressions!”  Jade confesses she thought making her own impressions would be hard but was shocked at how easy it really was.

“So, after the impression was done, I put it in a bag, I posted it back to EZ SMILE, and then within a few weeks, they got back to me saying there is now a video live showing how my teeth are going to move and my final finished results.” Jade was so excited by her personalised treatment, “Oh, my gosh, I logged in, I saw my teeth moving, and thought this is freaking incredible!”

“Every two months they sent out my new aligners,” she says. “I think I had nine aligners in total. They each came in clearly-labelled little packets, Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three. It was so incredibly easy. Obviously when you first put them in, they’re a little tight. They’re not meant to be loose obviously, after all they’re changing the shape of your teeth!”

Jade admits it took a little time to get used to talking with her retainers. “You’re meant to wear them for around 22 hours a day and, at first, I did have a little bit of a lisp. Obviously, you can take them out when you eat or drink anything other than water. I just kept a few little tray containers handy in my handbag and my car so I could take them out when I needed and then put them back in.”

“They’re completely clear, completely invisible,” she adds. “People can’t even tell you’re wearing them and, I’m not going to lie, sometimes I forgot too! There were a few times when I forgot to wear them, but I just put them back in and it was fine.”

Watch Jade’s video below, and you’ll see how happy she is with the results. “Just the fact that I don’t have these gaps in my teeth anymore! I’m just beyond happy that I could get these results without having to pay $8,000. I know there are so many people out there who’d love to have perfectly straight, gorgeous teeth, but can’t afford the prices. That’s why EZ SMILE is so good, it cuts out the middle man. You’re still getting orthodontist treatment and orthodontist results without actually having to pay that high cost. I’m beyond happy, I really am.”

Watch Jade’s full EZ Smile story here:
  • This customer received a discount on her treatment to document her journey.

Are you ready to straighten your teeth and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of but could never afford? With EZ SMILE you can do just that for only $2149. It’s simple as wearing trays as advised and caring for them properly.

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Straight Teeth Minus Any Dentist Visits?

Once upon a time, many years ago, my parents forked out an absolute shitload of their hard-earned money, for their bratty teenage daughter to get braces. At 14, having straight teeth is vastly unimportant compared to say, sneaking off into the bushes to pash your older boyfriend, but it’s something my parents knew I would appreciate when I got older. And I did.

EXCEPT. Being the bratty teenager I was, once the braces were removed, I kinda stopped wearing my retainer because it was gross and I didn’t like it and I was a shit. So although my teeth were straight, as I reached my uni days and had my wisdom teeth removed, they continued to move and gradually got wonkier.

For the record I don’t think I should be SOLEY held responsible, getting 4 teeth removed was always going to make the remaining teeth move around right? ……RIGHT!?

Anywho, I developed a good ‘side’, on which my teeth were straighter and if I couldn’t be on my good side, I would perpetually do that weird closed mouth smiley thing so many of us gals do. Seriously look at these pics for proof of my ‘side’.

Straight teeth 'good side'

Many of us gals do this ‘my side’ thing because we don’t like our smile front on, which you can say is ridiculous and vain and blah blah, but a smile is pretty important and straight teeth really do give one that wow factor we all want.

Anyway, I recently got engaged and had ALWAYS said that if I got married I wanted straight teeth for my wedding cos’ I want to flippin’ BEAM with cheesy smiles and not worry about my weird side.  But there were 2 things that always held me back from fixing my teeth:

a) the cost of clear aligners (I didn’t want to go for traditional braces) is crazy high. Gals I know who have had them paid anywhere between 6-8k ??

b) I am a busy bitch and really don’t have time for fortnightly orthodontist appointments ?

Enter Ez Smile 

What is EZ SMILE?

An oral cosmetic company that allows you to straighten your teeth with clear aligners in the comfort of your own home; no dentist visits required (yes, you read that right).

How TF does it work?

It’s so bloody simple, I thought it would be way more complicated TBH…

• Firstly, you answer a few questions and figure out if you’re a good candidate.

• Order an impression kit so you can do moulds of your teeth at home and send them off. They’re so easy to do, things just get very ‘spitty’ with saliva lel. The mould kit is $100 but they’ve given me a 50% discount for you guys to use AND it’s actually a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not a good candidate and I swear this post is not sponsored… ? I am just really excited!

• An orthodontist will create a 3D teeth straightening plan so you can see exactly how your teeth will move which is super cool, and also how many sets of the aligners are needed to straighten your teeth. So, for example, I need 8 sets for my top teeth and 9 for the bottom (cheeky things are wonkier).

• If you decide to go ahead, your aligners will arrive in the mail with numbers on them and you just move up a set every 2-3 weeks.

How long do I have to wear them?

20 hours a day, so pretty much all the time except when you’re eating. I’ll be honest, I often can’t wear them for that long per day because they slightly impede my speech so when I’m doing videos, podcasting or at events I can’t wear them; however most people find their ‘aligner lisp’ goes away after a few days. Because I can’t wear them for as long as required most days, I’ve been changing sets closer to every 3 weeks rather than 2 as I want to get the most out of it! So using common sense should help you navigate anything like that!

ez smile

What are the pros?

• They’re a dickload cheaper than alternative teeth straightening methods ($2,149).

• The whole process is super simple and everything is easy to follow. I’m lazy AF so as soon as something is too complicated I put it in the ‘too-hard’ basket; so I’ve loved the easiness.

• IT’S WORKING! I’ll post some pics at the end of the treatment plan but can already see differences.

What are the cons?

• They HURT. You forget how much teeth straightening hurts! I was in so much pain for the first few days but it gets better, so power on through. Every time I move up an aligner set, it hurts, but not to the same extent as those first few days at the start of the whole process.

• They’re dorky AF. No, they’re not obvious but if someone is talking close to you they can see them. But you know what isn’t dorky? STRAIGHT TEETH Y’ALL!

• The ‘aligner lisp’. It gets worse when I change sets but I can always hear it on camera which is why I can’t wear them all the time. Some people don’t get a lisp though, or it disappears. It’s also not super bad, it’s only because of my work that it’s even something I notice TBH.

Wanna give it a go? Check out all the info online and use the discount link to get 50% off ?

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. Showpo proudly produces only honest AF reviews ?

EZ Smile Before & After


So, you’ve made it to the end of your EZ SMILE treatment journey. What better way to celebrate than with some fabulous photos of your new smile!

Epic smile selfies

How to get the perfect shot of your new smile

You’ve done it! Your new smile is no longer just a dream, it’s a fabulous reality – and it probably has you grinning from ear to ear, especially when you look in the mirror 😉

Fact is, the end of your smile journey is a pretty big deal. So why not celebrate by sharing your new smile with your friends and family on social media? Of course, not all selfies are created equal so we’ve put together these simple tips to help you take a truly epic selfie to show off your straight, beautiful new smile to the world!

1. Light up your smile with good lighting.

Great lighting makes for great photos. The best selfie option is to find a spot with plenty of natural. One idea is set up near a window with the light hitting your face (be careful it’s not coming from behind you or that will just create a big shadow!). Another option is to head outside. Overcast skies or somewhere in the shade is usually the best because direct sunlight can cause harsh shadows and squinting.

2. Keep things simple.

You want your smile to be the hero of this shot, right? So find a clutter-free background that won’t distract people! Try to avoid having signs, posters, text or busy shapes in the background. Simpler = better.

3. Be yourself.

Your first ‘new-smile selfie’ is pretty unique moment to show off your personality. Maybe add a few fun accessories? Find a cool (but simple, see point #2) backdrop? Incorporate a splash of your favorite colour? It’s all about being authentic to who you are, so have some fun with it.

4. Make it pop with a simple prop!

Feeling a little shy? Props can help! Cuddle your pet. Sit on your bike. Or even just add your favourite coffee cup. A quirky prop will add an extra burst of visual interest and really help you relax.

5. Whiter & brighter.

Want to take your confidence to a whole new level? EZ SMILE teeth whitening pens will get your teeth looking their whitest white ever! The active ingredient is high quality 18% carbamide peroxide – the same used by dentists and the highest legal grade in Australia. Your teeth will be whiter after about 3-4 applications and go from 2-8 shades whiter.

6. ‘Before’ vs ‘After’.

Posting comparison selfies of your new smile can really dazzle your family and friends! If you intend to do side-by-side before and after shots, be sure to keep the two shots consistent. Try to style your hair a similar way,. Frame the shot the same way. Wear similar clothes and even take it in the same place. Remember you want the focus to be 100% on your beautiful new smile – not a dramatic new backdrop or hairstyle!

Teeth Straightening Things To Be Aware of


For most Aussies, wearing clear aligners is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a straighter smile. But there are some totally normal things you may experience during your treatment, so it’s a good idea to be aware of them.

“Is this normal?”

What to expect when you’re wearing EZ SMILE clear aligners.

People are pretty cautious when it comes to protecting their teeth – and understandably so! While using EZ SMILE clear aligners is very safe, we understand you may still feel a little worried if you happen to notice discomfort from time to time during your treatment. The great news is  that in almost all cases it’s completely normal, and simply a sign that your teeth are beginning to straighten. Of course, if you’re ever genuinely concerned please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re always here to help!

6 Things to look out for – and what to do about them

Below are 6 common things you may experience when wearing your EZ SMILE clear aligners, as well as tips to help ease any discomfort they may cause.

1. Pain or discomfort?

While not everyone is affected in the same way, there may be times when you feel some mild pain or general soreness in your mouth. Not only is this normal, it’s actually an indication that your clear aligners are doing their job! The discomfort itself is caused by your teeth moving into their new position and usually settles down within a few days. That said, if you’re experiencing discomfort there are a few things that might help:

Start at night – New aligners are often a bit uncomfortable, so when you switch to a new set, try putting them in at night first. This way your mouth will have the whole night to get used to them and any discomfort might be completely gone when you wake up.

Rinse with warm salty water – Some people find salty water is great way to help soothe and heal mouth sores. Just add ½ teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of warm water, then rinse the solution in your mouth and spit it out. You can do this every 2 to 3 hours.

Cold is gold – If your mouth is feeling a bit tender, try sucking on an ice cube or even some frozen fruit. Just be sure to remove your aligners before you start! Should you have any swelling, you may even want to consider applying an ice pack in a damp towel for 15 minutes.

Over-the-counter pain relief – just like other aches and pains, it’s fine to use your normal analgesic too.

2. New aligners don’t seem to fit?

Sometimes it may feel like your new EZ SMILE aligners don’t fit your teeth properly when you switch to a new set. This is because there are small but important differences between each set of new aligners and your current tooth position. To help, we include EZ SMILE Chewies with every set of new aligners. Simply chew on these like a piece of gum, moving them from one side of your mouth to the other to make sure your new aligners are fully seated on your teeth.

3. Loose teeth? 

It may sound a bit scary. But looseness is another perfectly normal side-effect of moving your teeth into their new positions and is certainly not dangerous. Remember, you WANT your teeth to move! The important thing to know is once your EZ SMILE treatment has finished, any looseness will gradually disappear. The key thing is to keep wearing your retainers as instructed so your new grin stays in place!

4. Changes to your bite?

During the straightening process, the way your top and bottom teeth fit together will change. This is a necessary part of getting a straighter smile. Your ‘new’ bite should shift to where it’s supposed to be by the end of your treatment, but if you’re worried at any stage, please let us know. Usually the best option is to simply send us a photo, so our orthodontists can check that everything is okay – and let you know.

5. Dry mouth? 

Sometimes wearing clear aligners all day can make your mouth feel dry. The simple way to combat this is… surprise, surprise… drinking lots of cool water. You can also try applying lip balm. For more serious dryness that just won’t go away, most chemists sell specially-formulated mouthwashes to help with dry mouth.

6. Lisp? 

It’s hard to speak clearly when your mouth is full, right? Well, some people find their aligners give them a bit of a lisp at first, while others don’t think it changes the way they talk at all. If your aligners do affect your speech, fear not. Chances are your mouth will adjust quickly and it will fade in a few days. It’s also worth remembering you’re probably your own toughest critic and there’s a very strong chance no one else will even notice!

If you have any questions or concerns always contact the EZ SMILE team who are here to help you every step of the way!

02 9999 4331