A Message From Our Founder

The idea to launch EZ SMILE came about after my wife’s teeth had moved after spending considerable money on metal braces in her 20’s. After looking into options available we soon realised that teeth straightening is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Whilst researching teeth straightening we found several companies overseas that were pioneering a method to deliver exactly the same clear aligner treatment direct to consumers for considerably less money. After a few calls and meetings with colleagues in the dental industry we struck a partnership with our highly experienced and professional lab and the idea to launch EZ SMILE in Australia was born. Twelve months later we are now steaming ahead with phenomenal interest – we’ve received thousands of applications and there’s a high number of cases already underway. The EZ SMILE team is rapidly growing and working hard to keep up with consumer demand. I wanted to write to you, to answer some important questions that I believe you may be grappling with. HOW CAN THIS BE DONE WITHOUT A DENTIST? EZ SMILE treatment plans are developed by qualified orthodontists who make plans for customers around the globe. EZ SMILE has been designed for the minor cosmetic correction or realignment of teeth, we reject cases that require complex orthodontic procedures. We encourage those people to seek traditional treatment methods. Our clear aligners are made in the same lab and designed by exactly the same orthodontic professionals that many Australian Dentists and Orthodontists use to make clear aligners and create treatment plans for their patients. It’s the same tried and tested product just delivered differently. Rapid advances in technology has allowed EZ SMILE to deliver this treatment safely and effectively and has lowered the cost of this treatment significantly. EZ SMILE want to give all Australians the opportunity to straighten their teeth without the time, hassle and extravagant cost of other methods. HOW DO I KNOW IF EZ SMILE WILL WORK? Our ultra clear aligners have successfully treated over 100,000 customers globally over the past 14 years. EZ SMILE is delivering the same high quality clear aligners and treatment plans differently. If after 90 days you are not convinced your teeth are straightening as per the plan then we will happily refund 100% of the money, we know this works and are 100% confident in the results we can deliver. We have quickly realised that there are many Australians in a similar situation as my wife and I, whether they are time poor professionals, regional people that don’t have easy access to dental care or anyone that is trying to manage their family budget. My wife has now completed the EZ SMILE treatment and has an amazing straight smile again, we now have a rapidly growing number of happy customers with similar stories. If you are considering teeth straightening then please go online, fill in the questionnaire, buy an impression kit and we can show you just how your new smile will look via a 3D animated video. All this for just $99. It is only after you see the plan and love it that you commit to purchasing your EZ SMILE clear aligners. Give it a go, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Ed Ambrosius EZ SMILE Co-Founder and Director