3 Reasons Straight Teeth Improve Your Overall Health

When it comes to your smile, there are few things more important than having straight teeth. These can be the difference between an average smile and an amazing one, but we can be put off by the thoughts of dental fees and time costs. This may tempt you to let your crooked teeth go, but even slight misalignments can throw off your entire smile- even if your teeth have no other faults. This makes straightening your teeth one of the most powerful ways in which you can improve your smile and transform it from bland to brilliant. Read on to find out why. Health Wanting straight teeth may often be a superficial want, but there are very real health benefits to be gained from them. Generally, uneven teeth are often the result of crowding or excessive spacing along the jaw, which increases the chances of your gums becoming swollen or bleeding. This is a sign of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) which should be avoided at all costs. Far from being unsightly, periodontal disease can escalate to the point where your teeth have to be extracted. Straightening teeth also decreases the chances of chipping or breaking them, as crooked teeth often jut out of the smile and are more vulnerable to cracking. The pressure from uneven teeth along the jaw also results in headaches and neck pain. Hygiene No matter how brilliant your smile, bad breath is a definite turn off for most people. Crooked and misaligned teeth are far more difficult to clean than straight teeth, which means there is greater chance of food being lodged between the teeth and bacteria building up. Not only does this eventually lead to periodontal disease, but it causes bad breath and can eventually stain and discolour teeth. Having straight teeth also makes it far easier to floss, which this is an essential part cleaning your teeth and improving your smile. Happiness There’s a clear relationship between smiles and happiness; after all, most of us smile when we’re happy, and are happy when we smile. By fixing your teeth, you create a smile which is straight, brilliant and beautiful. By increasing your confidence in your smile, you’re more willing to practise it, which in turn generates happiness through the release of endorphins. This means that the more often you smile, the more natural it will look and feel. This shows that having straight teeth isn’t just a physical change that improves your smile, but is also an emotional. Straight teeth shouldn’t be thought of as a superficial or trivial want. Instead, they are essential to maintaining dental health and emotional wellbeing. Even if you feel your crooked smile is fine the way it is, by straightening your teeth, you can improve your entire smile from the inside out. Wondering whether you’d benefit from teeth straightening? By answering a few simple questions we can let you know if you would be a good candidate for EZ SMILE clear aligners.

A Beautiful Smile Is The Secret To Boosting Your Career

Have you ever come home only to look in the mirror and realise you have a piece of spinach wedged between your teeth? This is one of the most infamously embarrassing moments you can experience, and chances are that if you knew, you’d either have removed the spinach or not shown your teeth at all.

So what if it’s not a piece of spinach that’s the problem, but the entire smile? Often, people with crooked and uneven teeth can feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when it comes to smiling, perhaps deciding not to smile at all. This can hold you back at work, where speaking and smiling should be part of the average employee’s day. But if you decide to straighten your teeth, you gain a multitude benefits that are particularly useful in the workplace. From feeling confident to making friends, find out why a beautiful smile can help boost your career. Positivity Even if you’re guilty of faking the occasional smile, a brilliant and authentic one is capable of lifting your mood. Research has revealed that the act of smiling releases endorphins, which are responsible for lowering stress levels, reducing the impression of pain and simulating euphoria. Altogether, it can help you feel happier and more positive about your situation. This positivity is essential to boosting your career as maintaining a positive outlook helps you prioritise your work, push through stress, and overcome difficulties in pursuit of a larger goal. Remaining positive also gives you a competitive edge over your colleagues, increasing your chances of standing out from the crowd and being forefront in your manager’s mind. This can help provide the boost to propel you forward in your career. Confidence Put simply, a beautiful smile gives you the guts to go forward and seize any opportunity whilst also convincing others that you’re capable of the job. Studies have shown that an imperfect smile- one with crooked, uneven or yellowed teeth- gives others the first impression of lesser intelligence. This can be detrimental when it comes to a career, where amplifying your skills and experience is paramount to success. By having a beautiful smile, you don’t have to worry about your employers thinking you’re not up to the requirements of the job role, which gives you more opportunity to flaunt the skills you’ve got. It also shows your managers that you have the willingness to grapple with any projects coming your way, cementing you as a forward-thinking employee that doesn’t shy away from hard work. Sociability It can be tough to make friends at work, and even tougher to be friendly with someone who clearly doesn’t want to be there. Putting a brilliant smile on your face shows your colleagues that you’re happy, friendly and willing to socialise with them- and in the workplace, having colleagues that are friends is far more useful than having colleagues you’re barely acquainted with. Having friends at work gives you the support for handling work related stress, and can increase feelings of camaraderie in a team. Additionally, being friends with colleagues helps you to network, which gives you access to industries, employers and businesses that you otherwise wouldn’t. Having these contacts outside of your own immediate environment is essential when it comes to boosting your career, as it increases your chances of securing exclusive opportunities and helps cement your reputation in the industry. Contagiousness Ever met someone whose smile was contagious? Someone who you couldn’t help but smile back at? This is the type of person you should strive to be in the workforce. Employees are more likely to respond to a smile with a smile than they are to reflect your grouchier expressions, and a beautiful smile is the best smile to see. By keeping a great smile on at work, you’re encouraging the general positivity and happiness of the entire workplace. This shows managers that you’re actively working to help support your team, presenting you as a team player and a pro at collaboration. It also indicates that you’re invested in the company’s overall strategy, meaning managers will more likely think of you when looking to give a promotion. So, if your career is lagging or not heading in the direction you thought it would, you don’t have to implement drastic measures. Boosting your career doesn’t require a shiny skillset, a fresh degree, or an international relocation. In the long run, the person most responsible for your own success is you. With that in mind, a simple, beautiful smile can make all the difference in the world. You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to have straight teeth. Click here to find out if EZ SMILE’s straightening treatment is right for you.