A Message From Our Founder

The idea to launch EZ SMILE came about after my wife’s teeth had moved after spending considerable money on metal braces in her 20’s. After looking into options available we soon realised that teeth straightening is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Whilst researching teeth straightening we found several companies overseas that were pioneering a method to deliver exactly the same clear aligner treatment direct to consumers for considerably less money. After a few calls and meetings with colleagues in the dental industry we struck a partnership with our highly experienced and professional lab and the idea to launch EZ SMILE in Australia was born. Twelve months later we are now steaming ahead with phenomenal interest – we’ve received thousands of applications and there’s a high number of cases already underway. The EZ SMILE team is rapidly growing and working hard to keep up with consumer demand. I wanted to write to you, to answer some important questions that I believe you may be grappling with. HOW CAN THIS BE DONE WITHOUT A DENTIST? EZ SMILE treatment plans are developed by qualified orthodontists who make plans for customers around the globe. EZ SMILE has been designed for the minor cosmetic correction or realignment of teeth, we reject cases that require complex orthodontic procedures. We encourage those people to seek traditional treatment methods. Our clear aligners are made in the same lab and designed by exactly the same orthodontic professionals that many Australian Dentists and Orthodontists use to make clear aligners and create treatment plans for their patients. It’s the same tried and tested product just delivered differently. Rapid advances in technology has allowed EZ SMILE to deliver this treatment safely and effectively and has lowered the cost of this treatment significantly. EZ SMILE want to give all Australians the opportunity to straighten their teeth without the time, hassle and extravagant cost of other methods. HOW DO I KNOW IF EZ SMILE WILL WORK? Our ultra clear aligners have successfully treated over 100,000 customers globally over the past 14 years. EZ SMILE is delivering the same high quality clear aligners and treatment plans differently. If after 90 days you are not convinced your teeth are straightening as per the plan then we will happily refund 100% of the money, we know this works and are 100% confident in the results we can deliver. We have quickly realised that there are many Australians in a similar situation as my wife and I, whether they are time poor professionals, regional people that don’t have easy access to dental care or anyone that is trying to manage their family budget. My wife has now completed the EZ SMILE treatment and has an amazing straight smile again, we now have a rapidly growing number of happy customers with similar stories. If you are considering teeth straightening then please go online, fill in the questionnaire, buy an impression kit and we can show you just how your new smile will look via a 3D animated video. All this for just $99. It is only after you see the plan and love it that you commit to purchasing your EZ SMILE clear aligners. Give it a go, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Ed Ambrosius EZ SMILE Co-Founder and Director

EZ SMILE vs Braces

If you have ever thought about straightening your teeth and are wanting to know your options, here’s a quick comparison between EZ SMILE and braces.


Clear, virtually invisible, removable.


Usually silver (metal) and irremovable.
Wear a minimum of hours per day for an average of 6 months.
Wear 24/7 for approx. 12-18 months (for similar movement)
Simple brushing and flossing of your teeth and brushing the aligners.
Brushing the brackets and wires regularly while brushing teeth. Use water pick.
No follow up visits.
Just your usual dental appointments
Monthly follow up visits
On-going retainer worn a few nights a week
On-going retainer worn a few nights a week
·        Invisible
·        Removable
·        Food doesn’t get caught
·        No problems eating
·        No pain or discomfort from wires
·        More effective for complex teeth straightening
·        You’re not tempted to leave them out
·        Some discomfort from teeth movement.
·        Must take out aligners before eating and drinking.
         (Water is ok)
·        Might have pain, sores or discomfort from the wires.
·        Might have tooth discolouration or breakage.
·        May have problems eating sticky or hard food like                        apples.
+ scanning or impression kit.
$4000 – $12000 depending on complexity.

Mirror mirror…

It’s another morning routine, you’re smiling into the bathroom mirror and you’re dealing with your daily annoyance. Momentarily you face the fact that even though you had orthodontic treatment as a teenager, you never wore your retainer and your teeth have relapsed. Maybe you feel a sense of childhood deprivation that you were never treated by an Orthodontist at all. Either way, even though everyone is always telling you they look fine, those crooked pegs looking back at you in that frosty mirror annoy the hell out of you.

Don’t feel alone, because you’re not, many thousands of people have had traditional braces only to see their expensive perfect grin, some years on, relapse to its previous ickyness.

Ok, we have identified the problem, thing is, what can be done about it??? You could head back to your local orthodontist or even your orthodontically trained GP dentist and if you’re willing and able to part with the appropriate wad of your hard earned cash they’ll have you once again proudly showing off that perfect smile.

This option does however, have its downside, notwithstanding the obvious, the cost. This solution will ultimately involve regular, time consuming appointments and if you decide on traditional treatment, look forward to spending some months, perhaps years in braces. Seems like a walk in the park when you’re fifteen but when you’re a young mum or dad trying to juggle work and kids of your own or you’re a young man or woman trying to build a career and enjoy life, the whole scenario can simply be in the all too hard basket!!!

Not anymore, in case you haven’t noticed the world is on a technology rocket ship and the field of Orthodontics has not been missed by these exciting advances.

Clear Aligner therapy (a series of removable clear plastic trays worn over the teeth) has been a mainstream orthodontic treatment for almost twenty years. Whilst they have their limitations, they are a wonderful alternative to traditional braces for anyone seeking a discreet, low life impact solution for crooked or misaligned teeth. That said, traditionally this treatment option has always required the involvement of your local Orthodontist or Dentist.

That was then, this is now, enter EZ SMILE! As previously noted, we are currently existing in a world that is aboard the technology express, and whilst that fact may irk some of us we can’t stop it. By taking advantage of newly available digital and 3D printing technology EZ SMILE has cleverly reinvented “Clear Aligner Therapy” and the beneficiary is you, and that irritating smile looking back at you in that frosty morning mirror. The service is offered at a fraction of the cost and here’s the game changer, you do it all yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Do it yourself!? Now before you all go into state of shock, know this, whilst EZ SMILE makes no claim to treat cases beyond those requiring minor or cosmetic correction the only difference in the treatment solution being offered is the fact that you do it from home. Our clear aligners are made in the same lab and designed by exactly the same orthodontic professionals that many Australian dentists and orthodontists use to make clear aligners and treatment plans for their patients. The same tried and tested product – just delivered straight to your door.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking, how is this possible? Believe me, it is, and whilst there is no question there is a pioneering aspect to what EZ SMILE is doing, rest assured this will become mainstream very quickly. It’s simple, safe, effective, discreet (most EZ SMILE customers say that people are totally unaware they are wearing them) and in relative terms unbelievably inexpensive, however over and above all this, it puts you in control and gives you back your most valuable resource, your time.

The EZ SMILE express is departing a station near you right now, why not hop on board? You won’t be disappointed and neither will that face in the mirror.


3 Reasons Straight Teeth Improve Your Overall Health

When it comes to your smile, there are few things more important than having straight teeth. These can be the difference between an average smile and an amazing one, but we can be put off by the thoughts of dental fees and time costs. This may tempt you to let your crooked teeth go, but even slight misalignments can throw off your entire smile- even if your teeth have no other faults. This makes straightening your teeth one of the most powerful ways in which you can improve your smile and transform it from bland to brilliant. Read on to find out why. Health Wanting straight teeth may often be a superficial want, but there are very real health benefits to be gained from them. Generally, uneven teeth are often the result of crowding or excessive spacing along the jaw, which increases the chances of your gums becoming swollen or bleeding. This is a sign of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) which should be avoided at all costs. Far from being unsightly, periodontal disease can escalate to the point where your teeth have to be extracted. Straightening teeth also decreases the chances of chipping or breaking them, as crooked teeth often jut out of the smile and are more vulnerable to cracking. The pressure from uneven teeth along the jaw also results in headaches and neck pain. Hygiene No matter how brilliant your smile, bad breath is a definite turn off for most people. Crooked and misaligned teeth are far more difficult to clean than straight teeth, which means there is greater chance of food being lodged between the teeth and bacteria building up. Not only does this eventually lead to periodontal disease, but it causes bad breath and can eventually stain and discolour teeth. Having straight teeth also makes it far easier to floss, which this is an essential part cleaning your teeth and improving your smile. Happiness There’s a clear relationship between smiles and happiness; after all, most of us smile when we’re happy, and are happy when we smile. By fixing your teeth, you create a smile which is straight, brilliant and beautiful. By increasing your confidence in your smile, you’re more willing to practise it, which in turn generates happiness through the release of endorphins. This means that the more often you smile, the more natural it will look and feel. This shows that having straight teeth isn’t just a physical change that improves your smile, but is also an emotional. Straight teeth shouldn’t be thought of as a superficial or trivial want. Instead, they are essential to maintaining dental health and emotional wellbeing. Even if you feel your crooked smile is fine the way it is, by straightening your teeth, you can improve your entire smile from the inside out. Wondering whether you’d benefit from teeth straightening? By answering a few simple questions we can let you know if you would be a good candidate for EZ SMILE clear aligners.